Jinal is a Wellington based New Zealand wedding, couples and elopement photographer

Getting ready for your wedding day is such a rollercoaster, am I right? From finding the venue that will create the backdrop to your love story, to choosing what to wear, you want everything to be perfect. And when you work with me, that’s exactly what I want for you, too! Whether you need someone to flare your dress, hold your shoes, or top up your drink, I’ll be there for it all. Because those are all the little moments that make your day memorable!

My photography style is all about telling your story. Of course, I’ll make sure we capture epic photos, but it’s not about posing for the camera. It’s about creating a space for you to be YOU because that’s where the real memories are made. When you open your wedding album, it's like stepping back in time to relive your magical day.

couple shoot on Queenstown mountain for anniversary

What inspires me

As a New Zealand wedding and elopement photographer, I love LOVE! Documenting the real, natural moments of your story is what inspires me. Ever since I picked up a disposable camera for the first time, I was fascinated by how photography transports you back to a specific moment in time. I’m obsessed with capturing the smaller, seemingly insignificant moments that tell who you really are. Because, to me, photography is all about reflecting the emotions behind each laugh, each loving glance, and each kiss.

When I’m not following love stories around NZ, I love adventuring and exploring the outdoors. Nature is my happy place. So if you’re looking for someone to document the greatest adventure of your life, f*ck yeah I’m in!

Fun Facts about me

I prefer sunsets at the altitude of 2000 metres.


Gordon Ramsay is my second crush, a soft shell spicy Taco being the first.


I love running. It helps me zen and gives me an upper hand if there’s a zombie apocalypse.


Sometimes I like being the little spoon…but that’s between us.


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Featured in

Best Wellington Wedding Photographer – Top Reviews

2021 International Wedding Photographer of the Year - TOP 15 Epic Location

2022 Australasia’s Top Wedding Photographers – COMMENDED SINGLE SHOT

2021 Wilderness Outdoor Photographer of the Year

2021 Australasia’s Top Wedding Photographers – Top 10 SINGLE SHOT

2020 Australian Photographer of the Year – Highly Commended


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-Love’s an adventure! Let’s capture every unforgettable moment so you can relive your day again and again.