Wellington WEDDING & COMMERCIAL Photographer

I'm a storyteller...

My name is Jinal, I am a Wellington photographer based in the good ole capital of New Zealand. Born and raised here in windy Wellington has taught me two things…How to stay on my feet and my LOVE for the outdoors!

Photography is something I’ve had a passion for ever since I picked up one of those Kodak disposable cameras in a yard sale. Fast forward a few years, I decided to explore more of the world and travel through a few countries in Asia. That’s when I knew this is something I wanted to pursue, to be able to tell a story through photos.

When I am not behind the camera or crunching through editing, you will find me exploring New Zealand. My love for the outdoors has never died. From trekking through unknown forests to chasing sunsets above snowy peaks…this is what makes me feel ALIVE!

My photography style is definitely not those cheesy, smile at the camera type moments or make you pose in some awkward way. Nope, I am super chill. All about capturing those raw moments and letting them flow organically. You’ll see that most of my work happens with the elements of nature. I LOVE weddings. If you ask me to join you on top of a mountain, HECK YES, I’m in!  I also love working with brands that push you out of your comfort zone and inspire others to see the world a little different than most!